Ultraviolet- and Plasma-Enhanced Self-Assembled Growth and SPM Characterization of Pd Oxide Nanotips

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Journal Article


Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures, Volume 2001, Number 3-4, p.175-182 (2001)


The results on the effect of ultraviolet radiation and of the high-frequency plasma discharge on self-assembled formation of the palladium oxide cone-shaped surface nanostructures during thermal oxidation in the oxygen ambient are presented. While for the thermal oxidation growth of the PdO tips takes place at oxidation temperatures T > 750°C only, in the presence of both UV and plasma discharge tip formation has been observed at lower temperatures (450-500°C). Reduction of the tip growth temperature by UV or plasma activation is favorable for proposed technological application of the PdO nanostructures as field emitters in vacuum microelectronics and in the field emitter displays.


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