Thousandfold change in resistivity in magnetoresistive La-Ca-Mn-O films

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Journal Article


Science, Volume 264, Number 5157, p.413-415 (1994)


A negative isotropic magnetoresistance effect more than three orders of magnitude larger than the typical giant magnetoresistance of some superlattice films has been observed in thin oxide films of perovskite-like La 0.67Ca0.33MnOx. Epitaxial films that are grown on LaAlO3 substrates by laser ablation and suitably heat treated exhibit magnetoresistance values as high as 127,000 percent near 77 kelvin and ∼1300 percent near room temperature. Such a phenomenon could be useful for various magnetic and electric device applications if the observed effects of material processing are optimized. Possible mechanisms for the observed effect are discussed.


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