Template approaches to growth of oriented oxide heterostructures on SiO2/Si

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Journal Article


Journal of Electronic Materials, Springer-Verlag, Volume 23, Number 1, p.19-23 (1994)


A template approach to growing highly oriented ferroelectric oxide heterostructures on SiO2/Si substrates is presented. In this method, a thin "template" of a layered perovskite is used to induce the growth of the subsequent layers in the desired orientation. The efficacy of this "template" approach is illustrated through the example of growth of ferroelectric La-Sr-Co-0/Pb-Zr-Ti-O/La-Sr-Co-O heterostructures on SiO2Si. Discrete test capacitors fabricated from these heterostructures grown using the template approach exhibit remnant polarization values in the range of 10-15 μ C/cm2 and show very little degradation after 1011 bipolar fatigue cycles. In contrast, test capacitors fabricated without the template layer showed very little crystallographic texture and poor ferroelectric properties. © 1994 The Mineral, Metal & Materials Society, Inc.


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