The Temperature Dependence of Ferroelectric Imprint

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Journal Article


Integrated Ferroelectrics, Volume 10, Number 1-4, p.279-288 (1995)


Unidirectional voltage pulse stressing can induce a significant amount of asymmetry in the retention characteristics in certain LSCO/PLZT/LSCO thin films. A large asymmetry was developed within 1000 s of unidirectional pulsing with a 100-Hz (50% duty cycle) square wave at 125°C while no significant retention asymmetry was developed at 25°C in the same time frame. The change in respective switched and non-switched polarizations after voltage pulse stressing follow an Arrhenius behavior. The thermal activation energies (Ea) derived from the Arrhenius plots are Ea = 0.21 eV for the change in switched polarization and an Ea = 0.56 eV for the change in non-switched polarization. © 1995, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. All rights reserved.


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