Surface resistance of thin Perovskite films - High-temperature superconductors and giant magnetoresistance manganites

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Journal Article


Thin Solid Films, Volume 288, Number 1-2, p.256-261 (1996)


We present a systematic study of the surface resistance of perovskite thin films and bulk samples at microwave frequencies. The d.c. resistivity p of the various samples spans three orders of magnitude. For bulk samples, we obtain the usual ρ1/2 dependence of Rs. For ρ < 1 μΩ cm, Rs displays conventional behavior, i.e. Rs α ρ. However, for ρ > 1 μΩ cm, Rs is not proportional to ρ but to the conductivity σ. Using this fact, we have made the first direct observation of a peak in σ1, just below Tc in a-axis films of YBa2Cu3O7.


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