A study of vacancy-related defects in (pb,la)(zr,ti)o3 thin films using positron annihilation

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Journal Article


IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, Volume 47, Number 4, p.916-920 (2000)


The formation of vacancy-type defects in La-doped lead zirconate titanato (PLZT) thin films (Zr/Ti=20/80) was studied as a function of lanthanum doping and after cooling in an oxygen-reduced ambient. The changes in the Doppler-broadening S parameter are consistent with the progressive introduction of Pb-vacancies upon La-doping. Cooling of PLZT thin films with 0 and 10% La doping in 10-5 Torr oxygen partial pressure after growth exhibits am increase in the density of vacancy-type defects compared to films cooled in 760 Torr. It is proposed that the defects formed are likely cation-oxygen vacancy complexes. © 2000 IEEE.


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