Study of microstructure in SrTiO3/Si by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy

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Journal Article


Journal of Materials Research, Volume 17, Number 1, p.204-213 (2002)


Microstructure in the SrTiO3/Si system has been studied using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and image simulations. SrTiO3 grows heteroepitaxially on Si with the orientation relationship given by (001)STO//(001)Si and [100]STO//[110]Si. The lattice misfit between the SrTiO3 thin films and the Si substrate is accommodated by the presence of interfacial dislocations at the Si substrate side. The interface most likely consists of Si bonded to O in SrTiO3. The alternative presentation of Sr and Si atoms along the interface leads to the formation of 2× and 3× Sr configurations. Structural defects in the SrTiO3 thin film mainly consist of tilted domains and dislocations.


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