Spin reorientation transition due to thickness ratio variation in EuBi 2Fe5O12/Y3Fe5O 12 multilayer films - Ferrimagnetic resonance studies

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Journal Article


Journal of Applied Physics, American Institute of Physics Inc., Volume 83, Number 7, p.3750-3753 (1998)


We present the results of an investigation into ferrimagnetic resonance at room temperature in superlattice heterostructures with alternating layers of Y3Fe5O12 and EuBi2Fe 5O12 grown by pulsed-laser deposition. We find that in the Y3Fe5O12 layer, the spins always prefer to lie in the plane. In the EuBi2Fe5O12 layer, on the other hand, the spin direction switches from normal to the film plane to in-plane as its thickness falls below that of the Y3Fe 5O12 layer. © 1998 American Institute of Physics.


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