Spin-polarized quasiparticle injection devices using Au/YBa2Cu3O7/LaAIO3/Nd 0.7Sr0.3MnO3 heterostructures

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Journal Article


Applied Physics Letters, American Institute of Physics Inc., Volume 71, Number 12, p.1718-1720 (1997)


Oxide heterostructures were used for studies of quasiparticle injection effects in high-Tc superconducting thin films. The effect of injection of spin polarized quasiparticles from a ferromagnetic gate layer was compared to that of unpolarized quasiparticles from a nonmagnetic metallic gate. Transport measurements of the superconducting layer showed strong suppression in the supercurrent by the injection of spin-polarized quasiparticles, and a current gain of as large as five was attained. This is 10 to 30 times larger than the gain of unpolarized injection devices. Such large effects could be useful in a variety of active high-Tc superconductor/colossal magnetoresistance heterostructure based devices. © 1997 American Institute of Physics.


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