Science and technology of ferroelectric films and heterostructures for non-volatile ferroelectric memories

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Journal Article


Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports, Volume 32, Number 6, p.191-236 (2001)


We present in this article a review of the status of thin film ferroelectric materials for nonvolatile memories. Key materials issues relevant to the integration of these materials on Si wafers are discussed. The effect of film microstructure and electrode defect chemistry on the ferroelectric properties relevant to a high density nonvolatile memory technology are discussed. The second part of this review focuses on approaches to integrate these capacitor structures on a filled poly-Si plug which is a critical requirement for a high density memory technology. Finally, the use of novel surface probes to study and understand broadband polarization dynamics in ferroelectric thin films is also presented. © 2001 Published by Elsevier Science B.V.


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