Polydomain structure of epitaxial PbTiO3 films on MgO

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings, MRS, Warrendale, PA, United States, Volume 493, p.111-116 (1998)


A PbTiO3(001) film grown on MgO(001) by pulsed laser deposition is examined as an example to demonstrate the applications of the domain stability map for epitaxial perovskite films which shows regions of stable domains and fractions of domains in a polydomain structure. X-ray diffraction studies indicate that the film has a ...c/a/c/a... domain structure in a temperature range of 0°C to 400°C with the fraction of c-domains decreasing with increasing temperature. These experimental results are in excellent agreement with theoretical predictions based on the stability map.


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