Photoconductivity in BiFeO3 thin films

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Journal Article


Applied Physics Letters, Volume 92, Number 9 (2008)


The optical properties of epitaxial BiFe O3 thin films have been characterized in the visible range. Variable temperature spectra show an absorption onset near 2.17 eV, a direct gap (2.667±0.005 eV at 300 K), and charge transfer excitations at higher energy. Additionally, we report photoconductivity in BiFe O3 films under illumination from a 100 mW cm2 white light source. A direct correlation is observed between the magnitude of the photoconductivity and postgrowth cooling pressure. Dark conductivities increased by an order of magnitude when comparing films cooled in 760 and 0.1 Torr. Large increases in photoconductivity are observed in light. © 2008 American Institute of Physics.


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