Negative Capacitance in Short-Channel FinFETs Externally Connected to an Epitaxial Ferroelectric Capacitor

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Journal Article


IEEE Electron Device Letters, Volume 37, p.111-114 (2016)

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We report subthreshold swings as low as 8.5 mV/decade over as high as eight orders of magnitude of drain current in short-channel negative capacitance FinFETs (NC-FinFETs) with gate length Lg = 100 nm. NC-FinFETs are constructed by connecting a high-quality epitaxial bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) ferroelectric capacitor to the gate terminal of both n-type and p-type FinFETs. We show that a self-consistent simulation scheme based on Berkeley SPICE Insulated-Gate-FET Model:Common Multi Gate model and Landau-Devonshire formalism could quantitatively match the experimental NC-FinFET transfer characteristics. This also allows a general procedure to extract the effective S-shaped ferroelectric charge-voltage characteristics that provides important insights into the device operation.