Nanoscale probing of high photovoltages at 109 domain walls

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Journal Article


Ferroelectrics, Volume 433, Number 1, p.123-126 (2012)


We report the direct observation of nanoscale photovoltaic current-voltage properties associated with directional steps of the electrostatic potential at 109 domain walls in ferroelectric BiFeO 3 thin films with highly ordered ferroelectric stripe domains. The unidirectional photovoltaic effect along the net-in-plane polarization direction is shown to exhibit anomalies at the micro-and nanoscale due to local differences in mesoscopic domain structure. Very high initial photovoltages for small electrode spacings are observed using a conductive AFM tip as one of the electrodes in photovoltaic I-V measurements. © 2012 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.


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