Nanoscale control of domain architectures in BiFeO 3 thin films

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Journal Article


Nano Letters, Volume 9, Number 4, p.1726-1730 (2009)


We demonstrate an approach to create a one-dimensional nanoscale array of domain walls in epitaxial La-substituted BiFeO 3 films. We have used a DyScO 3 (110) o single-crystal substrate to provide an anisotropic strain to exclude two of the possible structural variants. Furthermore, through careful control of electrostatic boundary conditions, such as the thickness of the SrRuO 3 bottom electrode to induce the self-poling effects, we can choose to obtain either 109° or 71° one-dimensional periodic domain walls. Detailed measurements of the domain structures is shown using piezoresponse force microscopy and X-ray diffraction, which confirms that these periodic structures are the same as those suggested in previous literature. © American Chemical Society.


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