Multiferroics and magnetoelectrics: Thin films and nanostructures

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Journal Article


Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, Volume 20, Number 43 (2008)


Multiferroic materials, or materials that simultaneously possess two or more ferroic order parameters, have returned to the forefront of materials research. Driven by the desire to achieve new functionalities - such as electrical control of ferromagnetism at room temperature - researchers have undertaken a concerted effort to identify and understand the complexities of multiferroic materials. The ability to create high quality thin film multiferroics stands as one of the single most important landmarks in this flurry of research activity. In this review we discuss the basics of multiferroics including the important order parameters and magnetoelectric coupling in materials. We then discuss in detail the growth of single phase, horizontal multilayer, and vertical heterostructure multiferroics. The review ends with a look to the future and how multiferroics can be used to create new functionalities in materials. © 2008 IOP Publishing Ltd.


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