Investigating electric field control of magnetism with neutron scattering, nonlinear optics and synchrotron X-ray spectromicroscopy

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Journal Article


International Journal of Modern Physics B, Volume 26, Number 10 (2012)


This paper discusses recent efforts to control magnetism with electric fields in single and multilayer oxides, which has great potential to improve a variety of technological endeavors, such as magnetic sensing and magnetoelectric (ME) logic. The importance of electrical control of magnetism is followed by a discussion of multiferroics and MEs, which are the leading contenders for this task. The focus of this paper is on complementary methods in understanding the ME coupling, an essential step to electrical control of magnetism. Neutron scattering, nonlinear optics and X-ray spectromicroscopy are addressed in providing key parameters in the study of ME coupling. While primarily direct (single-phase multiferroics) ME materials are used as examples, the techniques discussed are also valuable to the study of indirect (e.g., multilayers and pillars) magnetoelectrics. We conclude with a summary of the field and future directions. © 2012 World Scientific Publishing Company.


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