Integration of amorphous ferromagnetic oxides with multiferroic materials for room temperature magnetoelectric spintronics

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Journal Article


Scientific Reports, Nature Research, Volume 10, Number 1 (2020)


A room temperature amorphous ferromagnetic oxide semiconductor can substantially reduce the cost and complexity associated with utilizing crystalline materials for spintronic devices. We report a new material (Fe0.66Dy0.24Tb0.1)3O7-x (FDTO), which shows semiconducting behavior with reasonable electrical conductivity ( 500 mOhm-cm), an optical band-gap (2.4 eV), and a large enough magnetic moment ( 200 emu/cc), all of which can be tuned by varying the oxygen content during deposition. Magnetoelectric devices were made by integrating ultrathin FDTO with multiferroic BiFeO3. A strong enhancement in the magnetic coercive field of FDTO grown on BiFeO3 validated a large exchange coupling between them. Additionally, FDTO served as an excellent top electrode for ferroelectric switching in BiFeO3 with no sign of degradation after 1010 switching cycles. RT magneto-electric coupling was demonstrated by modulating the resistance states of spin-valve structures using electric fields. © 2020, The Author(s).


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