Hidden magnetic configuration in epitaxial La1-xSr xMnO3 films

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Journal Article


Physical Review Letters, Volume 105, Number 25 (2010)


We present an unreported magnetic configuration in epitaxial La 1-xSrxMnO3 (x∼0.3) (LSMO) films grown on strontium titanate (STO). X-ray magnetic circular dichroism indicates that the remanent magnetic state of thick LSMO films is opposite to the direction of the applied magnetic field. Spectroscopic and scattering measurements reveal that the average Mn valence varies from mixed Mn3⊃+/Mn4⊃+ to an enriched Mn3⊃+ region near the STO interface, resulting in a compressive lattice along the a, b axis and a possible electronic reconstruction in the Mn e g orbital (d3z2-r2). This reconstruction may provide a mechanism for coupling the Mn3⊃+ moments antiferromagnetically along the surface normal direction, and in turn may lead to the observed reversed magnetic configuration. © 2010 The American Physical Society.


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