Field emission energy distribution and current-voltage characteristics using single tip gated diodes

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Conference Paper


Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings, Materials Research Society, Warrendale, PA, United States, Volume 558, p.85-90 (2000)


Field emission current-voltage characteristics and simultaneous field emission electron energy distributions have been measured using single tip gate diodes. An energy distribution is generated at each step of a current-voltage characteristic using a compact low-cost simulated hemispherical energy analyzer. A PC programmed with graphics-based data acquisition software is used for data acquisition and control. The PC is connected to a CAMAC crate and a picoammeter through a GPIB interface. The picoammeter measures the current leaving the tip and the field emission electrons are energy analyzed, detected and processed in the CAMAC crate. The CAMAC crate also sends control voltages to the gate anode and the energy analyzer. This apparatus was used to measure tip work functions and Fowler-Nordheim tip shape parameters for Mo and IrO2 field emission tips. Work function measurements from field emission tips are compared to photoelectric work function measurements from flat surfaces.


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