Ferromagnetic enhancement of CE-type spin ordering in (Pr,Ca)MnO 3

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Journal Article


Physical Review Letters, Volume 106, Number 18 (2011)


We present resonant soft x-ray scattering results from small bandwidth manganites (Pr,Ca)MnO3, which show that the CE-type spin ordering (SO) at the phase boundary is stabilized only below the canted antiferromagnetic transition temperature and enhanced by ferromagnetism in the macroscopically insulating state (FM-I). Our results reveal the fragility of the CE-type ordering that underpins the colossal magnetoresistance effect in this system, as well as an unexpected cooperative interplay between FM-I and CE-type SO which is in contrast to the competitive interplay between the ferromagnetic metallic state and CE-type ordering. © 2011 American Physical Society.


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