Ferroelectric bismuth titanate/superconductor (Y-Ba-Cu-O) thin-film heterostructures on silicon

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Journal Article


Applied Physics Letters, Volume 59, Number 14, p.1782-1784 (1991)


The growth by pulsed-laser deposition of c-axis-oriented bismuth titanate (BTO)/YBa2Cu3O7(YBCO) superconductor heterostructures on [001]-oriented Si with epitaxial yttria-stabilized ZrO 2 as a buffer layer is reported. X-ray-diffraction studies of the heterostructures show that all the layers grow in the c-axis orientation, with a rocking angle of 1.0°-1.2°for the bismuth titanate layer and 0.6°-0.8°for the YBCO layer. Rutherford backscattering ion channeling yields of 28% at the surface have been obtained. Transmission electron microscopy of cross-sectioned samples reveal that the BTO layer has a significant density of translational boundaries that propagate at 45°to the film surface. The BTO film exhibits ferroelectric hysteresis and a dielectric constant in the range of 180-200.


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