Epitaxial PMN-PT relaxor thin films: dependence of dielectric and piezoelectric properties on film thickness

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Conference Paper


Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings, Materials Research Society, Warrendale, PA, United States, Volume 596, p.505-510 (2000)


The effect of substrate induced constraint and misfit strain on the structure and piezoelectric properties of epitaxial relaxor ferroelectric lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate (PMN-PT) films were investigated. Relaxor PMN-PT epitaxial 100-400 nm thick films with top and bottom oxide electrodes were grown by pulsed laser deposition on (100) LaAlO3 substrates. A systematic decrease in the temperature of the dielectric maximum with increasing film thickness was observed. This is accompanied by an increase in the room temperature relative dielectric constant. The longitudinal piezoelectric coefficient measured using a scanned probe microscope, increases by almost an order of magnitude with increasing film thickness.


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