Co-occurrence of superparamagnetism and anomalous hall effect in highly reduced cobalt-doped rutile TiO2-δ films

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Journal Article


Physical Review Letters, American Physical Society, Volume 92, Number 16, p.166601-1-166601-4 (2004)


Superparamagnetizm in highly reduced cobalt (Co)-doped rutile TiO 2-δfilms displaying an anomalous Hall effect (AHE) was investigated. The presence of nanosized superparamagnetic cobalt clusters of ∼8-10 nm size in the films at the interface was established using the magnetization and transmission electron microscopy. In a single-domain particle the easy directions of magnetization were separated by the anisotropy barrier. The results indicate the co-occurrence of superparamagnetizm and AHE.


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