Cation ordering in epitaxial lead zirconate titanate films

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Journal Article


Applied Physics Letters, American Institute of Physics Inc., Volume 93, Number 26 (2008)


Electron diffraction and atom location by channeling enhanced microanalysis were used to show that epitaxial PbZr0.2Ti0.8O3films grown on (001) SrTiO3substrates by pulsed laser deposition exhibit long-range order on the tetravalent cation sublattice parallel to the film/substrate interface. This ordering gives two distinct tetravalent cation sites, one Zr lean and one Zr rich, and results in a superlattice with a tetragonal unit cell with lattice parameters a0 ≈2 aPZT and c0 ≈ aPZT. Since such ordered states are inherently unstable in homovalent perovskite solutions, it is inferred that the ordering arises in response to the lattice misfit and could constitute an additional relaxation mode. © 2008 American Institute of Physics.


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