+Capacitance-voltage characteristics of BiFe O3 SrTi O3 GaN heteroepitaxial structures

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Journal Article


Applied Physics Letters, Volume 91, Number 2 (2007)


The authors report the integration of multiferroic BiFe O3 films with the semiconductor GaN using liquid-delivery metal-organic chemical-vapor deposition. Epitaxial BiFe O3 films were deposited via interface control using SrTi O3 buffer/template layers. The growth orientation relationship was found to be (111) [1 1- 0] BiFe O3 ∥ (111) [1 1- 0] SrTi O3 ∥ (0001) [11 2- 0] GaN, with in-plane 180° rotational twins. The C-V characteristics of a PtBiFe O3 SrTi O3 GaN capacitor exhibited hysteresis with a memory window of ∼3 V at a sweeping voltage of ±30 V. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.


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