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Yia, D., J. F Liu, S.-L. Hsu, L. Zhang, Y. Choi, J.-W. Kim, Z. Chen, J.D. Clarkson, C.R. Serrao, E. Arenholz, P.J. Ryan, H. Xu, R.J. Birgeneau, and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. "Atomic-scale control of magnetic anisotropy via novel spin-orbit coupling effect in La2/3Sr1/3MnO3/SrIrO3 superlattices." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 (2016) 6397-6402.
Chang, H.J., S.V. Kalinin, A.N. Morozovska, M. Huijben, Y.-H. Chu, P. Yu, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, E.A. Eliseev, G.S. Svechnikov, S.J. Pennycook, and A.Y. Borisevich. "Atomically resolved mapping of polarization and electric fields across ferroelectric/oxide interfaces by z-contrast imaging." Advanced Materials 23 (2011) 2474-2479.
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Mundy, Julia A, Charles M Brooks, Megan E Holtz, Jarrett A Moyer, Hena Das, Alejandro F Rébola, John T Heron, James D Clarkson, Steven M Disseler, Zhiqi Liu, Alan Farhan, Rainer Held, Robert Hovden, Elliot Padgett, Qingyun Mao, Hanjong Paik, Rajiv Misra, Lena F Kourkoutis, Elke Arenholz, Andreas Scholl, Julie A Borchers, William D Ratcliff, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, Craig J Fennie, Peter Schiffer, David A Muller, and Darrell G Schlom. "Atomically Engineered Ferroic Layers Yield a Room-Temperature Magnetoelectric Multiferroic." Nature 537 (2016) 523-527.
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Kleibeuker, J.E., G. Koster, W. Siemons, D. Dubbink, B. Kuiper, J.L. Blok, C.-H. Yang, J. Ravichandran, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, J.E. Elshof, D.H.A. Blank, and G. Rijnders. "Atomically defined rare-earth scandate crystal surfaces." Advanced Functional Materials 20 (2010) 3490-3496.
Rossell, M.D., R. Erni, M.P. Prange, J.-C. Idrobo, W. Luo, R.J. Zeches, S.T. Pantelides, and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. "Atomic structure of highly strained BiFeO 3 thin films." Physical Review Letters 108 (2012).
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Chi, M., T. Mizoguchi, L.W. Martin, J.P. Bradley, H. Ikeno, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, I. Tanaka, and N. Browning. "Atomic and electronic structures of the SrVO3-LaAlO3 interface." Journal of Applied Physics 110 (2011).
Wang, S., B. Kavaipatti, S.-J. Kim, X. Pan, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, J .W., III, and L.-W. Wang. "Atomic and electronic structures of lattice mismatched Cu 2O/TiO2 interfaces." Applied Physics Letters 104 (2014).
Dvorak, J., Y.U. Idzerda, S.B. Ogale, S. Shinde, T. Wu, T. Venkatesan, R. Godfrey, and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. "Are strain-induced effects truly strain induced? A comprehensive study of strained LCMO thin films." Journal of Applied Physics 97 (2005).
Li, J., H. Liang, B. Nagaraj, W. Cao, C.H. Lee, and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. "Application of an ultrafast photonic technique to study polarization switching dynamics of thin-film ferroelectric capacitors." Journal of Lightwave Technology 21 (2003) 3282-3291.
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Scullin, M.L., C. Yu, M. Huijben, S. Mukerjee, J. Seidel, Q. Zhan, J. Moore, A. Majumdar, and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. "Anomalously large measured thermoelectric power factor in Sr1-x Lax TiO3 thin films due to SrTiO3 substrate reduction." Applied Physics Letters 92 (2008).
Fina, Ignasi, Xavier Marti, Di Yi, Jian Liu, Jiun-Haw Chu, Claudy R Serrao, Siriyara J Suresha, Alexander B Shick, Jakuv Železný, T. Jungwirth, Josep Fontcuberta, and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. "Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in an Antiferromagnetic Semiconductor." Nature Communications 5 (2014) 4671.
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Meier, D., J. Seidel, A. Cano, K. Delaney, Y. Kumagai, M. Mostovoy, N.A. Spaldin, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, and M. Fiebig. "Anisotropic conductance at improper ferroelectric domain walls." Nature Materials 11 (2012) 284-288.
Srivastava, A.K., M.J. Hurben, M.A. Wittenauer, P. Kabos, C.E. Patton, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, P.C. Dorsey, and D.B. Chrisey. "Angle dependence of the ferromagnetic resonance linewidth and two magnon losses in pulsed laser deposited films of yttrium iron garnet, MnZn ferrite, and NiZn ferrite." Journal of Applied Physics 85 (1999) 7838-7848.
Petit, M., V. Nagarajan, S. Aggarwal, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, and L.J. Martínez-Miranda. "Analysis of thin PZT films as a function of depth and thickness by GIXS." Integrated Ferroelectrics 29 (2000) 127-141.
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