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Bakaul, S.R., C.R. Serrao, M. Lee, C.W. Yeung, A. Sarker, S.-L. Hsu, A.K. Yadav, L. Dedon, L. You, A.I. Khan, J.D. Clarkson, C. Hu, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, and S. Salahuddin. "Single crystal functional oxides on silicon." Nature Communications 7 (2016).
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Liu, Z.Q., J.H. Liu, M.D. Biegalski, J.-M. Hu, S.L. Shang, Y. Ji, J.M. Wang, S.L. Hsu, A.T. Wong, M.J. Cordill, B. Gludovatz, C. Marker, H. Yan, Z.X. Feng, L. You, M.W. Lin, T.Z. Ward, Z.K. Liu, C.B. Jiang, L.Q. Chen, R.O. Ritchie, H.M. Christen, and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. "Electrically reversible cracks in an intermetallic film controlled by an electric field." Nature Communications 9 (2018).